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Evolution of Archaeology

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Kerala State Department of Archaeology evolved into its present form consequent to the integration of The Department of Archaeology in the erstwhile states of Cochin and Travancore.It the formation of the Kerala State, the ancient sites and monuments in the District of Malabar which was the part of the former Madras Province came under the Jurisdiction of the Kerala State Department of Archaeology.

The genesis of the Department of Archaeology in the erstwhile Travancore State may be traced back to December1891 when the ruling sovereign Sri Mulam Thirunnal Rama Varma (1885 to 1924) sanctioned a monthly grant of Rs.50/- for a year to Sri.P.Sundaram Pillai, Professor of Philosophy, H.H.Maharajas (present University college and author of ˜Early Sovereigns of Travancore'), for the maintenance of an establishment engaged in the study and interpretation of inscriptions. However no permanent arrangement was made until 1071 ME (1895-96 AD) for its continuance. In the same year a committee was constituted to advice the Government on the methods of maintenance and preservation of Historical sites and monuments in Travancore .

The Committee prepared a list of monuments and the Division Peshkar was asked to advice on their proper preservation. In1910 (1085 ME) an attempt was made to publish the results of Archaeological studies in ‘ Travancore Archaeological Series'. Prof. Sundaram Pillai assisted by Sri. Ganesa Pillai were the pioneers in Archaeological Research and Sri.Thurayur Gopinatha Rao was the first Superintendent of The Archaeological Department. 

Similarly, in the erstwhile Cochin State, the Department had its beginning in 1925(1100ME) in the Sanskrit College, Thripunithura with the Principal Sri.K.Rama Pisharadi in additional charge. On Ist Kumbham 1102(ME) Aniyan Achan was appointed as Government Archaeologist Later on the integration of States, in 1949 the Department was integrated into the Travancore Department of Archaeology. In 1956 The Kerala State Department of Archaeology was formed.