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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question :- Name the museums under Dept. of Archaeology,Govt. of Kerala


i.Padmanabhapuram Palace museum

ii.Koikkal Palace Museum

iii.Kottarakkara Thampuran museum

iv.Krishnapuram Palace museum

v.Hill palace museum

vi.Sakthan Thampuran Palace museum

vii.Pazhassiraja museum

viii.Pazassi kudeeram Project

vii.Kunjalimarakkra Smarakam

Question :-Where is Padmanaphapuram Palace?

Ans: Padmanaphapuram Palace is situated at Thucklay in Kanyakumari Dist, Tamil Nadu state. It is about 60kms from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala.

Question :-Where is the Hill Palace museum?

Ans: Hill Palace museum is situated at Trippunithura in Ernakulam district.

Question :-Which is the folklore museum under dept. of Archaeology?

Ans: Koikkal Palace museum is the folklore museum under Dept. of Archaeology. It is located at Nedumangadu, about 20kms from Trivandrum.

Question :-What is working hours for the museum?

Ans: All museums under Dept. of Archaeology will open at 9am and close at 5pm.

Question :-Which day is holiday for the museum?

Ans: All Mondays and national holidays will be holidays for museums. Sunday will be working day.

Question :-Where the largest Single panel mural is depicted?

Ans: The largest single panel mural is depicted at Krishnapuram palace museum, Kayamkulam; This mural painting is called Gajendra moksha.

Question :-Is Edakkal cave a monument under Dept. of Archaeology?

Ans: Edakkal cave is a monument under Dept. of Archaeology and it is in Wayanad District. 

Question :-Apart from museums what are the other activities of Dept. of Archaeology?

Ans: The dept. of Archaeology has various wings such as structural conservation, excavation and exploration, chemical conservation  Epigraphy numismatics Folklore etc. The structural conservation wing is responsible for the structural conservation of the protected monument under Dept. of Archaeology.

Question :-What are the activities of chemical conservation wing?

Ans: The regional conservation Laboratory is the Chemical conservation wing in the Dept. The main function of the chemical conservation wing is to perform chemical conservation of monuments and museum objects displayed in the different museums under the Dept. of Archaeology. This wing has a well equipped conservation Lab and is located in the Dept. headquarters at Thiruvanathapuram.

Question :-Is manuscript conserved in the conservation lab?

Ans: The Conservation Lab under Dept. of Archaeology is declared as Manuscript Conservation Centre (MCC) under National Mission for Manuscripts, Ministry of culture Govt. of India. This centre undertakes conservation of paper and palm leaf manuscripts.

Question :-Is there Epigraphy wing in Dept. of Archaeology?

Ans: Yes, Dept. of Archaeology has a Epigraphy wing which is headed by an Epigraphist.

Question :-Is there library facility in Dept. of Archaeology?

Ans: Yes, Dept. has a library and information centre, functioning at the Dept. headquarters building.

Question :-Where the publications of Dept. of Archaeology are available?

Ans: The publications of Dept. of Archaeology are available at all museums and Dept. Information Centre, Eastfort, Trivandrum.

Question :-Whom to contact to know the facts not included in FAQ?

Ans: To know about Deprtment  of Archaeology please contact the following Telephone nos.



0471-2573797( Director)