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Koyikkal Palace

This exquisite Palace shines as an example of the traditional domestic architecture of Kerala.

This building can be classified into a double storeyed ˜nalukettu', Koyikkal Palace was the official residence of the (ruler of ˜Perakatharvazhi', a branch of the Royal family (Thrippappur Swarupam) of the rulers of the erstwhile, State of Travancore. The Portugese, the Dutch and the British called this Royal family as ˜Peritally', Umayamma Rani, the queen of Attingal, who was the regent for Ravi Varma. (1674-1684) The ruler of Travancore, stayed in this Palace for some years. Martanda Varma the maker of modern Travancore annexed Perakathavazhi into Travancore and adopted four Princesses from Perakathavazhi to Travancore. After that the Palace became part of Travancore.

This Palace was under the ownership of Travancore Devaswam Board after the State re-organisation. In1979 the Govt.of Kerala took over this Palace and declared it as a protected monument. The extensive restoration work was completed in 1990 and the Palace was converted into a Folklore Museum and Numismatic Museum.

Folklore Museum

The first Folklore museum in Kerala was inaugurated in the Koyikkal Palace on March 27,1992. Some of the important exhibits in the museum are “ traditional household utensils, traditional occupational instruments like axe, plough, wooden water pusher, tribal musical instruments, tribal communication materials, life size models of Theyyam, Thullal, traditional mode of conveyance- bullock- cart, tribal arms like bows and arrows, spear, sword etc., etc. All these items were collected from the length and breadth of Kerala.

Numismatics Museum

The Department Of Archaeology has an elaborate collection of ancient coins ranging from earliest punch marked coins down to the coins during the British Indian Period. Selected coins from the collection of the Department is scientifically arranged in the Numismatic Museum.

The display consists of Karshapanam the earliest circulated coins of India, punch marked coins, coins during the sangam period, Roman silver coins-Dinariyam 19 nos from 2 nd century BC,2 nd century AD- Venician coins, era coins,Venad coins, Cochin coins,Travancore coins etc. Tools, weights and seals, and other equipments used in the mint, balances, weights, various types of seals and badges also are exhibited in the museum.

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Koyikkal Palace-Museum of Folk lore and Museum of Numismatics


Nedumangad Town




18 km east of Thiruvananthapuram on the way to Ponmudi ,300 meters from the Bus Station of Nedumangad

Nearest Railway Station


Bus Station

Nedumangad Bus Station



Ticket Rates 

Adults: Rs.10/-

Children: Rs.5/-

Camera: Rs.25/-

Video: Rs.100/-

Working days & Time

Tuesday to Sunday 9 AM to 4.30 PM


Monday and National Holidays

Official Address:

Technical AssistantPadmanabhapuram Palace


Kanyakumari District.



Officer in charge  & Persons to contact

Koyikkal Palace


Other Staffs

Field Assistant (Folklore) ,Gallery Supervisor

Museum Assistant, Museum Guide, Moulder

Gardner, L.D.Clerk, Night Watcher, Security Staff, Head Constable, Constables